About us

Who we are?

Most of the team members of AI Clerk International Co., LTD. came from the CITC of the Industrial Technology Research Institute. We specialize in natural language processing, semantic understanding, text mining, machine learning and deep learning in the field of artificial intelligence.

Our information technology team has over 20 years strong technical strength and practical experience, and has been recognized in many domestic and foreign competitions. For example, 2021, 2020 Smart City Summit & Expo, 2018 ITmonth (from about 400 ICT products), IJCNLP 2017, 2016 AESW, 2016 SemEval, 2016 MEICHU HACK and so on. Our technical achievements have successively triggered hundreds of reports in Taiwan, Japan, USA and China media.

Our services

There are many unstructured data in different industries. Take healthcare ecosystem to illustrate, the medical record records information in various processes including disease observation, diagnosis, and treatment. It can be said that it contains a lot of treasures. These data keeps accumulating and preserves valuable intellectual assets.

However, for computers, unstructured medical records are difficult to analyze, count, and apply. Unstructured statements make it difficult for doctors and insurance company to further observe and analyze statistics. Therefore, the structuring of medical records is the cornerstone of smart hospitals and AI insurance underwriting and claim in the future.

AI Clerk Platform is a tool that can automatically convert unstructured medical records into semantically structured records. The features of AI Clerk platform for users are building their customized semantic understanding tools without programming, supporting English and Chinese data and reducing 80% labor cost for machine learning. It can help doctors reduce medical learning and research costs, produce more medical research results, and assist hospitals in integrating existing systems to derive various smart hospital services. It can also help insurance company accurately calculate insurance costs, reduce labor costs and design new insurance policies.

With 20+ Years Experience in Natural Language Processing,  Lets Mine in The Medical Data.