For Exhibitors

Bigger number of participants

Despite what most people believe and probably see as a temporary trend, virtual events will stay and continue to generate larger attendance numbers compared to offline events.  Recent study shows that virtual events will see 29% more attendance on average. The reasons for it are as simple as they can be: no travel time and cost, better connectivity and more content to be shared virtually.  Virtual events remove the limits and the borders.  USA, Europe or any other place in the world. You only need to go online to be there.

More value for exhibitors and sponsors

Without the opportunity for personal contact or handshake one might think that virtual events do not provide the same value.  But think again. No expenses, no travels, immense time saving while at the same time you get limitless opportunities to meet people and businesses from all over the world.  You can present, promote and advertise your business without any boundaries set by time, place or language.

Time saving

Once the choice of platform for a virtual event is made, then everything is quicker, easier and more simple. The time and budget saving for marketing registration of participants and all else is incredible. All the time the organizers can put in making their program and event even better.

More flexibility and choices for participants

Off-line events may host several simultaneous sessions in different conference halls. While participants may want to see all of it, they are pushed to make a choice which one to see. In the world of virtual events you don’t have to make such choices. You can watch live or on demand and yet see everything that you paid for and receive much bigger value for a lot less money. Participants who are unable to travel, can later purchase proceedings and recordings from the conferences and still make the most of it.

Significant cost savings

Planning and hosting an offline event is an expensive business. Therefore organizers would charge you for ticket or sponsorship packages in order to cover cost for venues, personnel and all else involved in putting these big shows together. In addition you have your own cost for travel, accommodation etc. Virtual events will save all this money, which can be invested in actual business development. The return of investment and value for money are incomparable. Big part of the organizers’ concerns when putting together a virtual event is their lack of experience and actual value they can provide, but mostly prove to their participants and sponsors. Yet, there are perks too. It has never been easier to get feedback from your audience. You can set up surveys, rating systems, send push notifications etc. With the right feedback and opinions you gather back, you can plan and deliver better events

Easier to gather data on participants

Despite the best efforts put by each company exhibiting at an event to gather as much as possible data and contacts of the people and companies they meet at the event, the result may still be unsatisfactory. Virtual events will offer and make sure of the opposite. You will gather all the data without actually meeting the people. Personalized communication can be made as follow up on a later stage and once again your money will return the investment and help you generate business.

Increased learning opportunities

As we already mentioned, the overall budget needed for virtual events is much lower. Organizers can redirect these funds to the organization of more interactive educational and training sessions, invitation of speakers and experts who will require commission for their lectures. That will make for a better experience and add value to everyone`s participation and money spent on registration.