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Here you will get acquainted with the possibilities of the Virtual Expo Centers platform

Virtual Expo Centers is an unique platform created to host over 100 events and 6 expo centers:


This is the virtual entry hall from which you can access all room. Companies can advertise through the 3 digital billboards on top of the entrances.


The virtual information desk will be placed in the foyer. It will be open during the whole European Digital Week from 21-25 November. In the rest of the time, information will be available through the FAQ link or via email provided on the same web page.

Expo Zone

The Expo Zone is where all exhibitor stands will be place. You can visit each stand by clicking on it. Virtual Expo Centers can feature unlimited number of virtual halls where several Expos can take place at the same time. The outlook and design of each expo zone will change in accordance with the theme of the exhibition, carrier or education fair.

Digital Show

Digital Show is a separate virtual hall designed and equipped for video presentations, courses and masterclasses.

Poster Hall

Poster Hall is the place for taking a break. The background wall will be the ideal place for your logo.

Conferences Hall

Conference Halls is the zone where all conferences, discussion panels and other virtual events will be taking place.

Four conference rooms can accommodate and host simultaneously 4 virtual conferences and events.

Yellow Hall

Blue Hall

Red Hall

Purple Hall

Lounge Hall

Lounge Hall is the place where you can meet other participants for network. By completing a very short registration, you can make appointments and invite others to meet virtually in the lounge hall and speak/communicate privately. This feature will be available only during the European Digital Week from 21st to 25th November, 2022. During the rest of the time in 2022 you can meet everyone in the dedicated and specially created LinkedIn Group - DiTech Expo


Among the partners are organizations and media from over 40 countries

Social Media

It has a very established social network presence in Facebook and LinkedIn with over 30 000 followers

Newsletter and emails

Newsletters and subscriber`s emails are sent frequently with news and updates about the exhibitors, partners and participants
These channels are yours too. Use them!

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